Tutorial: How to analyze the ancestry composition of a set of segments in Admixture Studio

There is an interesting option in Admixture Studio that lets you analyze your RAWs by segments.

This feature is useful when comparing the ancestry composition given, for example, by 23andme.

How to use it

Create a template in the Notepad with the following format:

Chromosome,Start Point,End Point

Copy it to the clipboard and paste it using the Paste button of the Segment to Analyze panel.

Then the segment is added

After you are done with the segment selection, run the calculator in Genomewide mode. The result will be displayed in the result window.

23andme Ancestry Composition CSV file

How to double check your 23andme ancestry composition.

Once you have your 23andme ancestry composition file downloaded, open it, copy the segments to analyze to a new notepad and add as the first line the following header:

Ancestry,Copy,Chromosome,Start Point,End Point

The result should have the following format:

Ancestry,Copy,Chromosome,Start Point,End Point
Northwestern European,2,chr6,120583383,170919470
Northwestern European,1,chr7,127233279,142841959
Northwestern European,1,chr7,145109518,146814694
Northwestern European,1,chr7,148036377,149542524
Northwestern European,2,chr12,3155321,95931927

Afterwards, run the selected calculator on the target RAW file. The results will show in the results page.

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