23andme Computed Data


Our tool Chromosome Painting tool is able to paint your Ancestry Chromosome painting from 23andme and FTDNA. As well it is possible to get information from your 23andme Computed Data, which contains the following information:

  • Ancestry and Chromosome painting from several versions
  • Estimated Ethnicity
  • Estimated Biological Sex
  • YDNA
  • Genetic Groups
  • Country Matches

How to use it and download instructions
It is necessary to upload either the 23andme Ancestry Composition, the 23andme Computed Data, or the FTDNA Chromosome Painting file.

23andme Computed Data (Recommended as it contains a lot of information about your Genetic Groups and Country matches with extended information that is not found in the 23andme report)
Download your computed data from 23andme: Settings > 23andme Data > Profile Data > Check Computed Data

23andme Ancestry Composition
Download your ancestry composition data from 23andme: Settings > 23andme Data > Profile Data > Download Ancestry Composition Data

Download your chromosome painting from FTDNA: Chromosome Painting > Download Segments