Synthetic G25 Coordinates

The Global 25 (G25) ancestry test is widely considered to be the most accurate test available on the non-commercial market. By obtaining your G25 coordinates, you can gain a highly detailed breakdown of your ancestry.

Our advanced algorithm is able to generate a set of scaled* synthetic G25 coordinates for your entire genome and for each individual chromosome, allowing you to delve even deeper into your results. Please note that these results may differ slightly from your original G25 coordinates*, and you will need to use a calculator for scaled coordinates.

As a bonus, G25 Synthetic Coordinates are included with every ancestry pack purchase. Start exploring the depths of your ancestry today with the highly accurate Global 25 test.

* The results can be slightly different from the original G25 Coordinates

* The coordinates are scaled, so you should use a calculator for scaled coordinates.

Order your G25 Synthetic Coordinates at

Once your results are ready, you will find your G25 Synthetic Coordinates in your account at the “Synthetic G25 coordinates” menu


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